UFMP Training Update

In November 2012, IUFC wrapped up the latest phase of its urban forest management toolkit project. In 2011, IUFC was awarded another CAL-FIRE grant with funding from the U.S. Forest Service. This grant targeted organizations tasked with managing trees, and we sought to provide them with assistance in using the toolkit to develop an urban forest management plan. This was accomplished at minimal cost through of series of local workshops, on-line seminars, site visits, and online assistance.

We had 32 initial participants for this program. They included a mix of municipalities, universities, non-profit organizations, and homeowners’ associations, and they were almost evenly distributed between northern and southern California. Seven cities left the program due to lack of staff and time resources. We delivered 25 urban forest management plans.

The PowerPoint presentations from each of the workshops and Webinars are available for download below.

We found that not only was this grant program an educational experience for the participants, it was also a powerful learning tool for us as facilitators. We are highly optimistic about the potential for the toolkit to be instrumental in improving urban forests.

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