Waterwise Tree Care

Trees and Water Are Precious Resources

Prioritize watering trees during a water shortage.

  • To reduce water loss to evaporation, water in the early morning.
  • Plant native or drought resistant tree species that require less water.
  • Install efficient irrigation systems with uniform components and "smart controllers."
  • In areas with ponding, runoff, or compaction, schedule 2-3 short run times, rather than one longer run.
  • Wet the surface of the soil beneath the tree's canopy and beyond. Direct water away from the trunk, to prevent moist conditions that foster disease.
  • Water young trees at least twice per week: moisten the root ball to encourage rapid root growth.
  • Water mature trees every 1-4 weeks; native trees less often.
  • Spread mulch under and beyond the canopy, but not touching the trunk.
  • Repair broken and worn components, clogged and missing emitters, and leaks. Look for overspray, sprinkler misting, and ponding.
  • Deep, infrequent watering encourages deep root growth for drought resistance.
  • Evalutate your soil type and rooting depth.